Deposit Replacement Insurance

Access our Deposit Replacement Insurance Product covering rents up to £7,500 per calendar month.

Deposit Replacement Insurance  includes:

  • Rent guarantee
  • Legal
  • Deposit replacement.

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Deposit Replacement Scheme

Currently, there is £3.5 Billion held in various tenancy deposit schemes. In 97% of cases, these deposits are simply handed back at the end of the tenancy.

Find out how the policy combined with our platform offers greater protection for agents and landlords than the incumbent deposit schemes.

The largest barrier to renting and moving is Deposits.
Tenant Deposits is set to become 70% of the average monthly income.
An insurance policy delivered on a platform that identifies previous claims
Removes the red tape administration of cash tenancy deposits.
Agents can differentiate themselves in their local market.

We have worked in partnership with the insurance industry to deliver a more practical, cost-effective solution. Our platform identifies the risk associated with each tenancy.

Letting Agent
Providing letting agents with a major point of differentiation.

The current system of monetary tenancy deposits provides no benefit to the tenant and little to the agent. Whilst some landlords may take comfort from their agent taking a monetary deposit, the control of this money lies with the various Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s.

Affordability threatens the ability of the Private Rented Sector to satisfy demand leaving new and existing tenants facing the burden of rising rents, fees and deposits.
Dlighted is a simple innovative product delivered by our platform that enables agents to operate efficiently and effectively.
Win new Landlord instructions.
Reduce voids.
Be the first to rent multi listed properties.
Reduce administration costs.
Get covers for damage and loss of rent with nil excess.
Simple claims process.
Covers rents up to £7500 per month.
No need to change current credit and referencing process.
A platform that delivers risk management of previous claims.
Dlighted – helping renters move into their dream home.

Finding the right house or apartment to rent in today’s market can be a real challenge.

You see a home you love. You need to move fast but require agency fee’s, one month’s rent, as well as a deposit of up to 1.5 times the monthly rent.

That’s where Dlighted comes in – Deposit Free Renting.

You still have all the obligations and responsibility under the tenancy agreement but the difference is an agent who is signed up with Dlighted can add your tenancy to the scheme.

“Dlighted is a new product set to revolutionise Renting”

If you are looking to rent a property sign-up now giving us the details of the agent and we will inform you if they are members of the scheme and can help you be Dlighted.

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Dlighted Ltd is an Appointed Representative (766833) of Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The policy is underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited on behalf of Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE.